Product Care

Wood: It is not recommended to serve food on items that have been stained. The Deep Space colorway has a heavy, black stain soaked into it and is sealed, do not use as a cutting board and if used with food, do not eat with sharp utensils directly off the board. The Sand colorway is nude and completely food safe, so do whatever you want to this thing... Once the sealent fades away and after heavy use, make sure to lightly sand out any knife marks and add a fresh coat of oil/wax. Wipe both clean with soapy water and dry immediately.

Stone: The stone material is durable and sealed with a clear coat. For indoor use only. Do not leave pieces to prolonged moisture as overtime it will weaken and potentially crumble (I have yet to see this happen yet, but it seems like the logic progression of misuse with these types of powder based materials). Chipping, cracks, overall wear (or even a full blown break) will take place with heavy use/if dropped.

Put your books under, adjacent, or on them, put your rings, pins, and gems in them, serve some blood sausage, head cheese, and a baguette on it and you're set!

Email with any questions, comments, or qualms!